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Urinary concerns, for the Ladies

Concerns for the Ladies and the urinary system

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Cranberry Juice. 

We know it is great for helping get rid of kidney stones.

It is great for urinary tract infections. 

And now.... how about this... It can help regulate the bladder! 

So it seems for a few of us, cranberry juice helps calm the bladder?

Yes, it is beginning to seem so. 

Less dribbling? Fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Sounder sleep? 

Yeah, I know. Interesting. 

For years we have known that Cranberry juice aids in ridding stones out of the kidneys, but some Drs. believe 

excess could increase the stone formation. Jury is still out on that one. 

And we know that Cranberry juice is good for cleansing the urinary system when there has been a Urinary Tract


It also is used a preventative for UTIs.  

So what about sleep? What about waking for nighttime urination?

Among some of my clients and family and self.... it seems to help this!

Who knew?!

So if you're experiencing the night time urination, it might pay off to try 4-8 oz of cranberry juice in the evening. 

This made me question, 'Why?'

I started looking at the components of cranberry juice.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just good stuff.

Vit C, E, B6, K1, copper and manganese. And some stuff which is good,  A-type proanthocyanidins, which prevents Bacteria from sticking to the tract. 

Okay, that's all good. But then what?

What else is being affected?

It seems the LIVER is being affected, for the positive!

And the liver has a direct affect on sleep!

Okay... we are really getting somewhere now!

We know that if we detox the liver, sleep improves. 

The liver becomes active in the early morning 1-3 am, according to Chinese Medicine.  

It seems the liver can be POSITIVELY AFFECTED by cranberry juice! 

GREAT!!! This then may improve sleep.

So the suggestion would be, try some Cranberry juice, use a good quality, 4-8 oz in the evening. 

Then we come to the tablets. Yes! These can be used and they seem to be effective also, 2 in the evening. 

I will not promise this will work for everyone, but so far we have had some very positive feed back.

We can always schedule a Body Code session for more information about the state of the body. 

What about the gentlemen? Well, they have a few other issues to deal with. It won't hurt to try this, but I would suggest more intense evaluations with a Body Code session. 

Have a great week with lots of good sleep!





3 Day Juice Cleanse

Posted on February 21, 2018 at 2:12 PM Comments comments (549)

I got all gung-ho and decided I needed a body cleanse. I wanted a real one this time. I had used the EasyCleanse, but I decided this was going to be a fasting/juice cleanse. So I opted for the 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE. We can thank Dr. Christopher for this. Dr. Christopher felt this was a great cellular cleanse also as it went so deep. And it is quick. And the last few things I have read suggest that the body can manufacture it's own stem cells when fasting is involved. Fascinating!

For 3 days you drink organic apple juice. That's all. No foods, just juice. And it isn't that hard. I don't do complicated or too hard. 
If you choose to drink water, make sure it is distilled. But don't substitute it for the juice. 
You will be drinking about 3 gallons of juice, one a day. 
Start out with 2 oz. olive oil and 2 oz. lemon juice, organic as possible, in the morning. Then top it off with 8 oz. of apple juice. One half hour later, another 8 oz of apple juice, 1/2 hour later another shot of apple juice. At night you add 2 oz of olive oil with 2 oz of lemon juice. Then go to bed and lay on your right side for the first half hour. This helps the gall bladder. Continue this regimen for the next 2 days and nights.
This gives the gall bladder a chance to rest and rejuvenate. If you are having some gall bladder issues we add a couple of herbs to this regimen. 

I found it hard to remember to drink 8 oz of juice every 1/2 hour. So I would drink LOTS of juice at the top of every waking hour. 

Oh, I have heard it all!
Don't you get HUNGRY?! 
No. You're drinking apple juice all day long. But you will start to think about all the foods you are going to eat when you get done. By the third day you feel ready to eat, just hang on. If you are ravenous, just have a few slices of organic apple in the evening.

Do you get diarrhea? 
No. There isn't any fiber. The other problem could arise. So if you get constipated, just add an extra dose of the olive oil/lemon juice. 

Don't you get tired of just juice? 
Yes and no. It is easy. But for variety I get a cider and a different apple juice so there is a taste difference. Fresh pressed is really good, but for sure get organic.

Do you get sick? 
No. But on day 2 you will have a bit of a headache because there is a lot of toxins releasing. This is a positive sign! Just keep going forward and drink. 

How do you get the olive oil/lemon juice down? Doesn't that make you sick? 
Easy..just mix and swallow and chase it guessed it..more apple juice. This is such a treat for the gall bladder. You WILL pass stones if you have any. Look for little greenish-rounded shapes, like chunks of little peas, in the toilet. 

Do you feel different when it is over? 
Somewhat. You will not want all those foods you thought sounded so good. You are going to be a bit more protective of what goes into the body you just cleansed. And those strange little cravings may have disappeared.  The food you do eat is going to taste so wonderful. Flavors of foods will be intense and satisfying, at least they do for me. 

Should everybody do this?
Yes. We take a bath or shower regularly. This is a cleansing program for the inside of the body. Take out the garbage. The organs and glands need those toxins pulled out so they can work more efficiently. It is important to get the body to the best place possible to avoid illnesses. Clearing out toxins removes the cause of much illness. 

Alright. You can do this. It isn't hard. 
Have a healthy happy week!


Please check with your healthcare provider if you have health concerns before you start this cleanse. 

What's eating you? Trapped emotions do cause harm.

Posted on September 30, 2013 at 8:59 PM Comments comments (4)
Is it important to resolve emotional issues?
Only if you want to live a healthy life.

Ever heard the phrase, "His ______ (fill in the blank) is just eating him alive?" Well, there is more truth to that than you think.

Anger and hate affect the liver and gall bladder, can weaken them. 
Pain affects the pituitary and the pancreas.
Forgiveness issues or lack of, can affect the kidneys and bladder, etc.
So hanging onto that negative energy isn't necessarily hurting the other guy, but it is doing a number on you! And there are times when you don't even know what you are hanging on to.

Sometimes when you decide to move on, you get the, "Oh, just work through it" advice. Yeah.... if you have been walking around a while you know this advice can be a poor joke at times.
So lets say you seem to have trapped one of these emotions. If you want, you can "just work through it." Or... you can find a practitioner, like myself, who will help release the negative energies involved with an event causing you grief. 

Through testing we find out what is really eating you! Then we work to release it. 

Physical health CAN be improved, emotional health CAN be improved, relationships CAN be improved for anyone who desires it, when we drop the negative baggage.

So what's eating you? 

Having a little back or knee trouble?

Posted on June 18, 2013 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (19)

This last week I had a session with a client who was not in a good place; lots of low back and knee pain. Well, that makes me suspect a kidney involvement. 
And in this case it was some kidney issues. The kidneys had a trapped emotion and were out of alignment. 
We took care of those issues and before we were done she was remarking how much better her back and knee was feeling.
So I did a little more research with her. 
I asked if she was drinking the cola drinks. Well once in a while she does. I explained that these drinks with caffeine, coffee also, were big contributors when it comes to kidney imbalance. But she wasn't really drinking many of those. Hmm.......
Then she asked me,"What about those 5 hr. energy drinks? Would that count?" She drinks 1/2 of one a day. 
Well, "YEAH! That would count!"
I suggested she try her own experiment. 
As she is doing well now and is balanced. If she feels the need for one of these drinks, notice how she feels before she drinks one and then within the 24 hrs after the drink. She may find they are throwing the kidneys out, which throws the back out, (they relate to each other) which will imbalance the knee also. 
So if you are having some low back trouble, you might question your drink of choice. Just a thought....
And yes you can call on me for help. We can balance those kidneys out if necessary.
Choose good health!.... and try to avoid the caffeine if you're having low back pain.