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Urinary concerns, for the Ladies

Concerns for the Ladies and the urinary system

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Cranberry Juice. 

We know it is great for helping get rid of kidney stones.

It is great for urinary tract infections. 

And now.... how about this... It can help regulate the bladder! 

So it seems for a few of us, cranberry juice helps calm the bladder?

Yes, it is beginning to seem so. 

Less dribbling? Fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Sounder sleep? 

Yeah, I know. Interesting. 

For years we have known that Cranberry juice aids in ridding stones out of the kidneys, but some Drs. believe 

excess could increase the stone formation. Jury is still out on that one. 

And we know that Cranberry juice is good for cleansing the urinary system when there has been a Urinary Tract


It also is used a preventative for UTIs.  

So what about sleep? What about waking for nighttime urination?

Among some of my clients and family and self.... it seems to help this!

Who knew?!

So if you're experiencing the night time urination, it might pay off to try 4-8 oz of cranberry juice in the evening. 

This made me question, 'Why?'

I started looking at the components of cranberry juice.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just good stuff.

Vit C, E, B6, K1, copper and manganese. And some stuff which is good,  A-type proanthocyanidins, which prevents Bacteria from sticking to the tract. 

Okay, that's all good. But then what?

What else is being affected?

It seems the LIVER is being affected, for the positive!

And the liver has a direct affect on sleep!

Okay... we are really getting somewhere now!

We know that if we detox the liver, sleep improves. 

The liver becomes active in the early morning 1-3 am, according to Chinese Medicine.  

It seems the liver can be POSITIVELY AFFECTED by cranberry juice! 

GREAT!!! This then may improve sleep.

So the suggestion would be, try some Cranberry juice, use a good quality, 4-8 oz in the evening. 

Then we come to the tablets. Yes! These can be used and they seem to be effective also, 2 in the evening. 

I will not promise this will work for everyone, but so far we have had some very positive feed back.

We can always schedule a Body Code session for more information about the state of the body. 

What about the gentlemen? Well, they have a few other issues to deal with. It won't hurt to try this, but I would suggest more intense evaluations with a Body Code session. 

Have a great week with lots of good sleep!





A Supplement for aches and pains? Maybe....

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 1:58 AM

I hope everyone is enjoying summer! I love it! Weeds and all!
So it has been one of those weeks with different people having similar issues. 
The one that stands out this week is nutritional.
A client of mine has been plagued with muscle/bone ache, some cramps and general malaise.  I checked her for misalignments, very few found.This client decided she would use some of the OsteoFX from the Longevity, a product I suggest on this site. 

For sometime I have been suggesting to women they monitor their calcium levels. This means they make a concentrated effort to make sure they are getting enough calcium in their diet. What is enough? Between 400mg-800mg a day, but we need to test for accurate dosage levels.

I have seen enough older men using walkers that calcium levels should be monitored for this group also. Low calcium can weaken bones, one of several factors.  I know conventional means don't offer this type of service usually, but it is a good idea to try to get a blood calcium level for yourself.
I also have known people who were allergic or intolerant to calcium and other minerals. This presents a problem of the body using what is there, thankfully we can address this and get to a better place with it.

In the first few days of a menstral cycle, a woman can lose up to 40% of her blood calcium. This can initiate cramps, among other things. 
So my recommendation has been, "Take extra Calcium, Calcium citrate with magnesium, the week before your period." Well, this has worked...when it is remembered. But we can do even better.....OsteoFX also contains trace minerals along with the calcium. Magnesium is used along with Calcium, there needs to be a balance.

The parathyroid gland is one of the glands responsible for calcium uptake. It is a very good idea for women AND men to have this evaluated. We can release any negative energies preventing this gland from performing up to it's proper levels.

Later in the day, I got a phone call from one very excited young woman! The ache in the hips was gone! It was gone within 20 minutes of taking the OsteoFX product and has not returned. I am very happy for her. We tested for dosages and she is well on her way to a happier life, healthier pain free life.

I really have a great respect for Dr. Wallach and his products because they work. I love his Essential Fatty acids, it is a great blend.

If you have chronic ache, it would be a good idea to get an evaluation to see if this product can help you. Not every ache is associated with calcium or mineral deficiency, but many are. 

Remember the 'old wives tale' of a "Tooth for every baby?" The mother's body will take minerals from the mother to produce a healthy child. Many times these minerals will come from the teeth, hence the tooth loss of mother. We have wonderful supplements today to prevent the degeneration of the mother's body. 

And for sure... let's not forget the roll calcium and magnesium play in heart health! It would be a very good idea to make sure your heart is happy with the supplements you take. 

Please take time to introduce yourself to good supplements.  We can always and should always do an evaluation to see what you may need, check for intolerances/allergies as well as checking the well being of your glands, organs and systems.

Have a great, pain free week!


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