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Urinary concerns, for the Ladies

Concerns for the Ladies and the urinary system

I am hoping this is going to work... new website format, so one never knows.

Cranberry Juice. 

We know it is great for helping get rid of kidney stones.

It is great for urinary tract infections. 

And now.... how about this... It can help regulate the bladder! 

So it seems for a few of us, cranberry juice helps calm the bladder?

Yes, it is beginning to seem so. 

Less dribbling? Fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Sounder sleep? 

Yeah, I know. Interesting. 

For years we have known that Cranberry juice aids in ridding stones out of the kidneys, but some Drs. believe 

excess could increase the stone formation. Jury is still out on that one. 

And we know that Cranberry juice is good for cleansing the urinary system when there has been a Urinary Tract


It also is used a preventative for UTIs.  

So what about sleep? What about waking for nighttime urination?

Among some of my clients and family and self.... it seems to help this!

Who knew?!

So if you're experiencing the night time urination, it might pay off to try 4-8 oz of cranberry juice in the evening. 

This made me question, 'Why?'

I started looking at the components of cranberry juice.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just good stuff.

Vit C, E, B6, K1, copper and manganese. And some stuff which is good,  A-type proanthocyanidins, which prevents Bacteria from sticking to the tract. 

Okay, that's all good. But then what?

What else is being affected?

It seems the LIVER is being affected, for the positive!

And the liver has a direct affect on sleep!

Okay... we are really getting somewhere now!

We know that if we detox the liver, sleep improves. 

The liver becomes active in the early morning 1-3 am, according to Chinese Medicine.  

It seems the liver can be POSITIVELY AFFECTED by cranberry juice! 

GREAT!!! This then may improve sleep.

So the suggestion would be, try some Cranberry juice, use a good quality, 4-8 oz in the evening. 

Then we come to the tablets. Yes! These can be used and they seem to be effective also, 2 in the evening. 

I will not promise this will work for everyone, but so far we have had some very positive feed back.

We can always schedule a Body Code session for more information about the state of the body. 

What about the gentlemen? Well, they have a few other issues to deal with. It won't hurt to try this, but I would suggest more intense evaluations with a Body Code session. 

Have a great week with lots of good sleep!





Welcome to Fall!

Posted on September 25, 2018 at 3:21 PM
Welcome to Fall!
And the advent of the flu season.
"So what are the more natural options?" you ask.
So glad you asked!  
I have gone over a few of the holisitc things in the 'Medicine Cabinet' you should have on hand.

We'll go for a quick review.

Oil of Oregano
Colloidal Silver, a good brand. Some home made versions have a larger particulate matter and are not as effective.
But with only these two items, you can handle so many things that come your way.
Vit. C  You can take up to 15,000 mg before you start overdosing. Minimum for me is 1000 mg/day.
Vit. D  You can manufacture up to 50,000 u on a summer day. I highly suggest 5000 u/day. Less for kiddies of course. Sometimes if there is something acute, we have used 10,000 u/day for a week or so. 
Garlic  Use fresh or I like the oil capsules. Oh, I had one lady tell me she cleared her facial warts, those big nobby things, taking garlic oil capsules. Her Dr. told her if she ever found anything that worked for them she would have a cure for cancer as they reproduce the same way. Hmm... interesting... And for kiddies you can use less, dilute and apply to bottoms of feet if you feel so inclined. This stuff jump starts the immune system. 

What I do:
We have used a 2-2-2 formula at times.
My daughter uses this to combat a cold/flu.
2 garlic capsules
2 Vit C, 1000 mg each
2 hours intervals, taken while you're up. 
And it seems to clear her symptoms up very quickly, usually in a day.

When the cough thing starts, we have used the Oil of Oregano on the bottoms of the feet. I have used 3 drops for adults, 2 diluted drops for children. We do this for 3 nights, lots of detox is hard on the liver that's why only 3 nights then break. 

Sometimes that cough thing responds better to colloidal silver. Love that stuff. 2-3 tsp X 2/day. Half of that for my kiddies. And loads of Vit C.

Here is another quick little item. Onions.
Yep... you read it right. 
This is easy especially when dealing with kids. Just thin slices of onion and put socks on to hold them in place while sleeping. Flush them in the morning...the onions, not the kids or the socks. 
I also have used onion poultices. This is heated onions, wrapped in a cloth and placed on the chest. This breaks a cough up FAST!  Just pin in it in place under a tight fitting T-shirt. They will cool off and get uncomfortable after a few hours. Just flush the onions when done. But it works well enough I had kids ASK for it. 

Sore throat?
Yuck. Spray with colloidal silver.....aaaahhhhh......
There is also a little trick with honey, cayenne and garlic. 
2 TBl honey
4 cloves garlic minced fine
1/8 tsp or little less, cayenne
Mix all together. Take a tsp or a little less every couple of hours. Just let it sit in the mouth and slowly coat the throat. Good bye sore throat!

We also go Body code, making sure the immune system is functioning at 100%. I also check for energy imbalances as a cause for disease in the body. 
So that is how many of us do the season. 
Hopefully with good supplements, the season treats us well. 
And... You need to check with your Dr. if you have questions. 
I simply shared how many of us take care of ourselves.
Are there other options...sure are, these are just the basics. 
Enjoy the beauty of the season!

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