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Yes, I can help you long distance with BODY CODE! 

Please contact me if you have some things you would like to work on.

Adult session: $70.00

Children or pets: $55.00

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Some of my favorite products:


This product is purported to have the ability to reprogram cells.

It is invaluable in chronic disease.

It is also seems to be a great aid for athletes.


I use this 'Tangy Tangerine' as one of my main Vit/Mineral supplements! I really like their EFA's, essential fatty acids, also.

My FAVORITE exercise program!

For those who hate exercise…

Yes, this works for busy guys also!

Tapp into YOUTUBE for these videos! 

This is a wonderful exercise program.... AND IT WORKS!

Couple this program with any toxic releases you may need, any emotional releases causing over-eating, check your metabolism and you will make great progress when you want to shed some lbs!!

And you are supposed to ONLY use this 15 minutes 3 times a week! Seriously!!!!

This program will help put your sugars in check also! It just about walks on water in my opinion!! And don't forget to see Berei, 70+years and in great shape!